Individual Accounting and Tax Services

Have you ever sat down with your accountant to discuss the tax implications of different financial decisions and life changes? Our clients feel comfortable having these conversations because they trust and value our relationship.

Flannery & Associates

Individual Tax Planning Services

As a CPA and a certified financial planner™ (CFP®), Karen Flannery is able to connect the dots between different areas of your life in a way that enables individuals and families to understand the bigger financial picture.

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Flannery & Associates is licensed for tax preparation in all 50 states. We can meet with local clients at our offices in Long Branch, NJ and provide virtual tax and accounting services with clients across the country. In addition to tax preparation, the vast majority of our clients rely on our tax, accounting, and financial planning insights for year-end planning.

Our tax and accounting services for individuals and families include but are not limited to:

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Whether you’re in your 30s or your 70s, tax planning with Flannery & Associates could result in significant tax savings.

You might only need to see an accountant once a year for tax preparation, and that’s fine. Most people, however, would benefit from year-end planning in December, followed by a September check-in to review the year thus far and make updates if needed.

Year-end tax planning is also important for contract workers. More and more people have multiple sources of income from part-time and freelance work, whether they’re driving an Uber, designing websites, or selling products on Etsy or Amazon. Creating an accurate forecast is essential to avoid underpaying or overpaying your taxes.

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