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Most small to medium-size business owners do a great job developing products and providing services that live up to customer expectations. Unfortunately, many struggle to manage the financial side of the business.

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Small Business Tax Planning

Flannery & Associates partners with small to medium-size business owners, from startups to partnerships and corporations, to help them manage and analyze a number of business functions and financial tasks, including but not limited to:

We also help small businesses navigate the complexities and options involved with succession planning. Whether you want to sell your business, pass it down to the next generation, complete a merger or acquisition, or close and dissolve the company, we can assist in various types of business transitions.

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Business owners feel more confident when they partner with an accounting firm that can provide information that has a positive impact on both day-to-day operations and their long-term business strategy.

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Through proactive planning and analysis, we can make sure you understand how your business functions from a financial standpoint so you can make educated decisions and implement systems that position your company for sustained, long-term growth. Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all tax deadlines are met, proper paperwork is filed, and you’re paying the appropriate amounts of taxes – no more, no less.

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